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Blazing a trail: Britain's Blaise Thresher

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Blazing a trail: Britain's Blaise Thresher

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She’s just 16, but British singer Blaise Thresher has already written for other artists and her debut single Attitude featuring Twizzle is now out.

Blaise grew up in south west London and has been writing songs since she was eight.

She said: “It is about having a bit of fun, you are a teenager, you just want to have fun with everybody, you don’t want to take life too seriously, that is what the song is to me but I suppose people have their own interpretations of it but to me it is having a good time.”

Last year she collaborated with Dutch DJ/producer Miss Melody.

And with artists such as Pharrell Williams and Rihanna following her on Twitter, music pundits are tipping Blaise as one to watch in 2013.

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