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  • Ebola emergency centre says Sierra Leone recorded 130 new cases of virus during country’s three-day lockdown.
  • Ebola has now killed 2,793 in five different countries, says World Health Organisation.
  • Ukraine’s military says it is preparing to withdraw artillery and heavy armoured vehicles within a proposed 30-km buffer zone in line with Friday’s agreement with separatists

Cutting out corruption and bringing justice to society are two of the reasons cited for the increase in power Egyptian President Mohammed Mursi has given himself.

His spokesman Yasser Ali said that opening the way for a raft of re-trials, possibly including one for former President Hosni Mubarak, would purge remainders of a “ruined regime”.

However, Mursi is drawing criticism for being authoritarian and protesters, who have clashed with security, are demanding real political reforms.

Dozens of demonstrators have been gathering on Cairo’s Mohamed Mahmoud Street – made famous by the deaths of 47 people during the uprising against Mubarak in January 2011.

Mursi will now rule by decree, which cannot be challenged, until a new parliament is installed.

What started three days ago on the iconic street as a celebration of the uprising may turn into an anti-Mursi protest.

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