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  • Turkey detains four suspected Syrian smugglers in connection with the capsizing of a boat on Wednesday, which resulted in five children drowning.
  • More than 100 migrants arrested after arriving in Libya’s port city of Tripoli
  • Two Vice News journalists arrested earlier this week in Turkey on charges of having links to a terrorist organisation have been released
  • Overloaded wooden boat carrying Indonesian migrants has sank off the coast of Malaysia killing at least 14
  • Hungary: police stops local trains near Sopron at the Austrian border telling refugees to get off. Clashes between Hungarian police and refugees.
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A Palestinian man has been shot dead close to the Israeli/Gaza border.

It is the first reported killing since the ceasefire came into force on Wednesday.

The IDF says around 300 people approached the border fence east of Kahn Younis and some tried to break through. Israeli troops then fired warning shots and after these were ignored they shot at their legs.

A number of others suffered gunshot wounds.

Palestinians claim the people were a group of farmers who were trying to retrieve parts from the wreckage of an Israeli jeep.

The extent of the devastation from the eight-day Israeli assault is still being assessed. Palestinian supply tunnels close to the Rafah border crossing bore the brunt of the destruction.

“We are trying to repair the tunnel to get back to work. It costs a lot but what can we do, we have to fix it. This tunnel of ours which has been destroyed will cost 30 thousand dollars to repair,” said one tunnel worker.

Since the ceasefire Israeli troops moved into the West Bank and made a swathe of arrests.

The IDF say the move was related to recent terrorist activity in Judea and Samaria. A spokesperson said the arrests will help restore calm to the region.

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