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Palestinians claim victory in Gaza conflict

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Palestinians claim victory in Gaza conflict

The exiled leader of Hamas says the Palestinians are ready to comply with the Gaza ceasefire if Israel does the same, but warns his fighters’ hands are “on the trigger.” Khaled Meshal says the Palestinians have emerged the winners:
“This was a treacherous aggression, on our people in Gaza,” he told reporters, “that called on us to defend ourselves. And the result was that after eight days, God removed the hand of the Zionists from our people in Gaza, and they were forced to succumb to the conditions and demands of the resistance.”
The Deputy General Secretary of Islamic Jihad, Ziad Nakhla, told Euronews that the policy of armed resistance has paid off: “The delegation spoke on behalf of the Palestinian people,” he says, “because the Palestinian people stood for and supported the resistance. Delegations of Hamas and Islamic Jihad represented the Palestinian people by negotiating and defending the Palestinian cause on the ground.”
Euronews’ correspondent in Cairo says after eight days of military attacks exchanged between Israel and Palestinian factions in Gaza, international diplomatic efforts have managed to achieve a truce between the two sides under the auspices of Egypt. A truce considered by Hamas and the Palestinian factions as a victory and as a lesson for Israel and a new phase of reshaping the balance of power in the Middle East. “

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