Israel/Hamas: Ceasefire holds, tensions remain

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Israel/Hamas: Ceasefire holds, tensions remain

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A calm of sorts has returned to Gaza as the strip’s Rafah border crossing with Egypt reopens as part of the Egyptian-brokered ceasefire between Israel and Hamas announced yesterday.

During the eight-day conflict the frontier was open for urgent matters such as medical access or for foreign nationals to leave the area.

Still, tensions remain, In Arab East Jerusalem Israeli border guards clashed with Palestinians after a woman was arrested for allegedly trying to stab an officer.

Close to the Israeli border with Gaza thousands of Israeli reservists packed up their hardware and borded buses in a mass stand down.

Israel called up 75,000 part-time soldiers to deploy along the state’s frontier with the Gaza Strip.

But Israel remains ready.

Our correspondent on the Israel/Gaza border is Luis Carballo:

“Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has warned that Hamas faces a more violent response, if negotiations via the Egyptians fail. Then all options are on the table, meaning a ground assault. Despite the ceasefire the Israeli regular army remains ready for action along the border.”

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