Gaza gets back to normal as Hamas struts

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Gaza gets back to normal as Hamas struts

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Normal life, the day-to-day struggle for essentials that passes for normal life in Gaza, is starting to get up and running again.

Residents have emerged from their hiding places to assess the damage and begin cleaning up the mountains of rubble left behind by the Israeli bombs.

Hamas has declared today a “Day of Victory”, and despite the devastation and the mourning for their 155 dead, many people appeared upbeat, expressing satisfaction Hamas missiles had been fired at Tel Aviv and Jerusalem or the first time.

“Thank God, we feel safe now and life is back to normal. The people will feel more comfortable and hopefully Hamas will be able to find a solution for everything, especially the border crossings,” said one man.

“We lost our land and we want it back. We elected Hamas and resistance to Israel in order to bring back our rights,” said another.

The crisis has brought Hamas and rival Fatah closer together, even bringing key Fatah figure Nabil Shaath into Gaza. He shared a stage with leaders of Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and other factions where speeches were made boosting their reconciliation, and boasting of a “great victory” over Israel.

In the meantime UNICEF is helping some 10,000 people who fled to its schools return home, so classes can begin again.

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