Israel and Hamas continue rocket attacks despite diplomacy

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Israel and Hamas continue rocket attacks despite diplomacy

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Israel’s bombardment of Gaza continues, smoke rising in plumes and explosions echoing across the city. Targets are said to include the sports stadium and the house belonging to Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh. There have been more direct hits on smuggling tunnels.

Many of the civilian casualties are old people and children. UNICEF says that 22 children have died in Gaza and 277 have been hurt, including 88 children under five. In Israel, 14 children have been injured.
Observers estimate that around 140 people have died in Gaza so far, and at least 11 more on Wednesday.

Israel is also dealing with the aftermath of attacks on its cities as Hamas has continued firing rockets into Israel. In the last 8 days, there have been five fatalities in Israel, whose armed forces remain in position in the countryside around Gaza, ready for any possible order for a ground invasion.