Clinton calls for "comprehensive peace" in Middle East

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Clinton calls for "comprehensive peace" in Middle East

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In Israel the diplomatic day ended for Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu in talks with US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Tuesday had started with hopes the seventh day of violence between and Israel and Gaza would close with a ceasefire.

Hamas had reported the Egyptian-brokered truce would start at nightfall but it fell apart with claims Israel had not responded to the proposals. Hillary Clinton said the latest outbreak of violence will sharpen the focus of politicians.

“In the end there is no substitute for security and for a just and lasting peace and the current crisis certainly focuses us on the urgency of this broader goal. So in the day ahead the United States will work with our partners here in Israel and across the region for an outcome that bolsters security for the people of Israel, improves conditions for the people of Gaza, and moves toward a comprehensive peace for all people of the region,” she said.

As the threat of rocket attacks from Gaza remains Benjamin Netanyahu stressed Israel will take whatever action is necessary to defend its people.

Mrs Clinton is set to go to the West Bank to meet with Palestinian leaders.