Kurds add complication to Syrian conflict

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Kurds add complication to Syrian conflict

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Rebel fighters in Syria claim to have seized control of the closest military base to Damascus.

The militant Islamist groups Ansar al-Islam and Jund Allah Brigades say they took the barracks at Hajar al-Aswad in the south of the capital after four days of fighting.

Observers say at least 15 tanks were seized and a number of government soldiers taken prisoner.

Meanwhile, the Syrian Army has launched a counter-operation against armed militants in the countryside surrounding the city of Daraya. They claim to have found stolen medical supplies and a makeshift scaffold used for summary executions.

Meanwhile, in the north east of Syria, there’s a further complication. These refugees are fleeing fighting between Syrian rebel forces and armed Kurds near the border with Turkey.

The Kurds have taken advantage of the weakening of the Assad regime to assert their claim for self-rule.