Israel lets Egypt give peace a chance in Gaza

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Israel lets Egypt give peace a chance in Gaza

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It is calmer in and around Gaza today. The Israelis have decided to hold back their armour from entering Gaza’s tightly-packed streets, and give Egypt a chance to make a ceasefire with Hamas stick.

Fewer rockets were flying overhead in the direction of Israel. Fewer aircraft were prowling overhead, looking to strike back.

“We come to watch the bombing of Gaza”, said one Israeli.“They hit our cities, Sderot, Beer Sheva and Tel Aviv. they should suffer too.”

Most rockets that did get into the air were quickly swatted by Israel’s Iron Dome defence system. Most, but not all.

Beer Sheva was hit on Tuesday morning, along with Sderot. Residents, despite the escalation, are stoic; after all said one, they have sometimes had a hundred fall daily over the last 11 years. Life goes on.

In the bombed areas of Gaza life has come to a stop. The Islamic bank now lies in ruins, along with much of the adminstrative infrastructure.
This will prevent Hamas paying its government employees, once they can get back to work.