Israel's new media war

Military communication isn’t what it used to be. The Israeli Army is taking a whole new approach. It is using Internet social networks in an effort


Nadal back on court

Former world number one Rafael Nadal returned to the training courts on Tuesday for the first time since a knee injury forced the Spaniard to


Death then funerals in Gaza

Under the Israeli bombardment Gazans continue to bury their dead. The number of people killed in the strip after seven days of military action has


Football under fire

The ongoing war in Gaza has also been felt in the sporting world and on the football pitches in Israel. Despite the tight security fans heading to


easyJet dividend takes off

The British low-cost airline easyJet has doubled its dividend at a time when other airlines are having to make severe cutbacks. All carriers have


Spinning the war online

The conflict between Israel and Hamas has extended to a new virtual front. The fighting is now also taking place on the internet and its various


Meet Miss Subways

They may not have become as famous as “Miss America,” but in New York City “Miss Subways” were local legends. Now a book and new exhibit celebrates


Chasing Ice

Filmmaker Jeff Orlowski’s new documentary “Chasing Ice” shows the edge of the massive Ilulissat glacier in Greenland collapsing — or “calving” — and