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Egypt steps up search for Gaza ceasefire


Egypt steps up search for Gaza ceasefire

Egypt’s President Mohamed Mursi has met in Cairo with the political leader of Hamas Khaeld Meshaal.

Egypt is at the heart of efforts to broker a truce to end six days of fighting between Islamic militants and Israel in the Gaza strip.

“Egypt’s president has been holding intensive talks ever since the attacks on Gaza began. There’s also a delegation of Egyptian politicians and religious figures preparing to visit tomorrow. There are also efforts on the ground striving to calm things down.
But most experts and observers of Palestinian affairs are ruling this out at the moment, as there has been an escalation by both Israel and the different Palestinian organisations. There seems little hope of an immediate ceasefire,” says euronews’ reporter in Cairo Mohammed Shaikhibarahim.

A ceasefire certainly seems distant if you cast your eyes over the border into Israel. Thousands of Israeli troops have massed on the Gazan border this weekend, with many in news footage visibly spoiling for a fight.