Cameron warned not to burn bridges with Europe

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Cameron warned not to burn bridges with Europe

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Britain is in danger of further hurting its sluggish economy if it continues to plough an anti-European furrow. So says the Confederation of British Industry.

British Prime Minister David Cameron is facing tough EU budget talks later this week.

The British business lobby urged him to ignore growing “Eurosceptic” calls to cut ties with Europe.

Roger Carr is the President of the CBI:

“Whatever the popular appeal may be of withdrawal, businessmen and politicians must keep a bridge to Europe firmly in place.”

Members of Cameron’s own Conservative party have told him to take a hard line in the talks and resist EU calls for a budget increase.

British Prime Minister David Cameron made his case:

“I’ve frozen some benefits, I’ve frozen some people’s pay, I’ve cut some central budgets by 30%, I’ve had to cut things like the police budget by 20%. It’s simply not credible to go to Europe, and say well we’ve made all these difficult decisions at home, but when it comes to the European budget we are going to see it go up and up and up.”

The debt crisis in Europe has increased anti-EU sentiment in Britain with politicians talking of reclaiming powers back from Brussels or leaving the union altogether.