Protests grow against Israeli airstrikes

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Protests grow against Israeli airstrikes

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Thousands have turned out in cities across Egypt to protest against the Israeli airstrikes on Gaza

Many carried banners pledging support for the Palestinian enclave in the face of what some described as “blatant aggresssion”.

In Tunis as many as 4,000 are reported to have marched through the streets. For many in the country where the Arab Spring uprisings began, the plight of those living in Gaza has turned into another cause.

“We are calling for solidarity from the people of Arab Spring countries, to support the Palestinians and Gaza people to resist the occupation,” said one protester.

Tunisia’s government has called for an urgent meeting of the UN Security Council proposing sanctions against Israel.

And in Turkey hundreds marched towards Israel’s consulate in Istanbul.

Once close allies, Turkey’s prime minister has accused Israeli leaders of ordering the offensive against Gaza militants while keeping one eye on legislative elections in January.