Le Capital heads for glory

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Le Capital heads for glory

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Franco/Greek director Costa Gavras has presented his latest film Le Capitol at the Thessaloniki film festival. Staring Gad Elmaleh and Gabriel Byrne it has all the hallmarks of being a huge sucess in France where Gad Elmaleh is perhaps France’s most loved stand up comedian. The plot (bad boy-bankers screw the world for personal profit) also makes it omnirelevant.

The director, Costa Gavras said: “I work on the principle that when you make a film you make a show. The langage and the style are linked to the subject. This time my plot is set in a very very fast moving world. It’s a sort of speed hysteria so I tried to follow this rhythm in my film because I thought that it corresponded completely to the characters I’m dealing with as well as the story.

“I asked my friend Gabriel Bryrne to take this demanding role and he did it perfectly, and also asked other actors and a French actor, Gad Elmaleh, who is a stand up comic, I asked him to play a very serious part, a very tough part, and he accepted. I think it’s a real pleasure because he created a very unexpected character, simultaneously likeable and unlikeable. He’s kind and then horrible and it comes out very very well.

“I tried to make a film which truly reflects the real world. I didn’t want a happy ending. Like “Wall Street” for example has a happy ending because the bad guy is punished and everything turns out ok -but we know very well that on the real Wall Street everything isn’t ok. Even Obama admitted it some time ago. So I tried to find an ending where the audience comes out asking themselves questions… is it still happening, is it over, what should we do?”

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