Israeli civilians flee the fire for the weekend

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Israeli civilians flee the fire for the weekend

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Israeli citizens living in the south of the country are on alert as the violence between Israel and Hamas intensifies.

Authorities have informed residents to stay close to home or to a network of public bomb shelters.

In Beer Sheva normally bustling shopping malls are deathly quiet:
“In my opinion this situation is not good and it’s scary to come here to the mall or be on the streets when there is no one around. But I don’t think anything will change if the IDF goes in because in 2008 they did the same and here we are again,” said Leah Polski a 15-year-old from the city.

In Kiryat Malachi families packed up their belongings to move out of range of the Hamas rockets.

“Hopefully it’s going to be a day or two days, but until the missiles stop I don’t think I am going to take the risk,” said one anxious father as the car, fully loaded, left town.
For Israeli civilians fleeing the conflict there is an escape route, for the Palestinians there is none.