Europe's largest ice-rink opens in Moscow's Gorky Park

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Europe's largest ice-rink opens in Moscow's Gorky Park

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Moscow’s Gorky Park has inaugurated its newly enlarged ice-rink, billed as Europe’s biggest.

Special technology allows the rink to remain open through till the middle of March, and between now and then, tens of thousands of people are expected to come from far and wide to take a turn.

“The ice rink is much bigger compared to last year,” says the park’s director Olga Zaharova. “It was 15,000 square meters and now it is 18,000 square meters. The Ice rink is located around the fountain square. I think the atmosphere is excellent aand when you can skate around a huge fountain and move towards the romantic lanes.”

The expected hordes may be a romance killer for some seeking magic moments together but authorities say with the extra space and facilities on offer there is something for everyone.