Le Capital heads for glory

Franco/Greek director Costa Gavras has presented his latest film Le Capitol at the Thessaloniki film festival. Staring Gad Elmaleh and Gabriel Byrne

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clashes in greece

Greek workers protested during a meeting of Greek and German officials in Thessaloniki. The protesters tried to attack a German diplomat in a protest


Israel's Gaza ceasefire fails

Israel’s airforce has launched an attack on the home of a Hamas commander, despite a temporary halting of military action due to a visit to Gaza by


Lifelong learning

“I would like to build up a project encouraging elderly people to learn how to use computers and the Internet. Is there any kind of EU support for


The industry of space

Most European countries are going through an economic and financial crisis which threatens all sectors of their industries. In this tumultuous


Kubica continues comeback

Poland’s Robert Kubica, whose Formula One career was put on hold after a near-fatal rally accident in 2011, hopes to return to the track despite