European brands’ digital leaders meet in Paris

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European brands’ digital leaders meet in Paris

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Social networks, online marketing and mobile technologies were all the buzz at the Electronic Business Group (EBG) event in Paris on Wednesday, November 14th. Hundreds of senior marketing and digital leaders from Europe’s biggest brands gathered for the occasion under the cast iron arches of the “Grande Halle de la Villette.”

An international crowd of guests and speakers came to learn from one another and share experiences. “The guests working for multinational brands offer interesting feedback on this year’s topic,” Mobile, Social & Big Data, Benjamin Glaesener, EBG General Manager told euronews.

“EBG was born in 1998, at the time of the internet bubble to offer a neutral place for discussion and exchange” to large corporations when many of them hopped onto the digital wagon, Glaesener explained. The mission lasts to this day, and gets frequent updates with innovations like social networks. For instance, on Wednesday, James Quarles, Facebook EMEA regional director gave a keynote speech on branding on Facebook.

Among the other digital big shots present at the event is Yammer, a tech company that sets up internal private social networks for over 200,000 corporations worldwide. This success led Microsoft to acquire Yammer in June 2012 for 1.2 bn dollars.

Georg Ell, Yammer EMEA General Manager (shown above), also shared his experiences with the EBG crowd. He told euronews “Microsoft did not fly someone over to take over Yammer’s European branch”. Instead, Ell now leads a team of Europeans nested in the heart of London’s “Tech City”. The St John’s College graduate says he doesn’t see Europe lagging behind the US anymore in terms of new technologies: “while it lacks a true single market and a common language, unlike the US, Europe now has spaces, money and talents” needed to launch tech companies and start-ups.

It is those talents, and many others, that are gathered at EBG. Gökhan Salmanoğlu, Neobusiness and Digital Coordinator for Pfizer Turkey came all the way from Istanbul to speak about “business-to-business” mobile apps. Salmanoğlu, who is used to such events, says EBG has exceeded his expectations with “the guests, all senior people from major brands, media, industries. The panel discussions and speeches, split between mobile and social, were interesting too.” What did he like the most? “The ambition of the EBG event to gather “the 1,000 digital leaders in Europe.”

Euronews also covered the 2nd day of the EBG event. Story to come soon.