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  • The Netherlands will support sanctions if Russia continues to arm Ukraine rebels, says Dutch Prime Minister (Reuters)
  • Norway police on alert amid reports of an Islamist group heading to the country with the aim of planning a terror attack (Reuters)
  • Diplomats say EU ambassadors have asked European Commission to draw up legal text to impose sanctions on Russia, no final agreement yet to impose them
  • Jordanian Air Force says it has shot down an unidentified drone near the country’s northeastern border with Syria (Reuters)

In it’s autumn balance sheet, the European Commissioner for Energy gave member states a dressing down and pressed them to make the internal energy market a reality.

According to him, lower market prices would benefit European consumers, thanks to perfect competition and price deregulation.

Günther Oettinger
EU Commissioner for Energy
“The state doesn’t set prices for Audi and Renault and Mercedes and Peugeot, so in the next few years we are going to look at the reduction of the regulated prices and eventually the abolition of regulated prices for electricity and gas”.

He said that savings made at any one time is still paid for by the consumer down the line.

Günther Oettinger
EU Commissioner for Energy
“If we have fixed prices, low prices, you have full cost anyway, so consumers pays the rest as tax payers or by debt in their public budgets.”

The commissioner is an advocate of the total removal of state subsidies for green energy, a move that’s earned him criticism and stoked fears among environmentalists.

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