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Intelligent tyres


Intelligent tyres

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Italian tyre manufacturer Pirelli has launched a new product – Cyber Fleet is an intelligent tyre designed for lorries that uses an electronic sensor to supply real-time data on the tyre’s condition and the vehicle’s geographical position.

The Tyre Mounted Sensor (TMS), transmits information about the tyre to a control unit inside the vehicle. Having it correctly inflated ensures good steering, braking and cornering, as well as lowering running costs by cutting fuel consumption and extending the tyre’s lifespan.

The system transmits data to the truck driver and fleet manager who can then carry out diagnostics and repairs, guaranteeing maximum safety for each heavy vehicle. Interpreting the data is not left solely to the truck driver – the fleet manager can organise the safety of the entire fleet from a remote position.

Pirelli is already testing its first generation of Cyber Tyre on lorries in Brazil.

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