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  • Jean-Marie Le Pen has been called before the disciplinary panel of the Front National on August 20
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  • Turkey’s Nationalist MHP Party says it would support an AK Party minority government if it agrees to a snap election in November – Semih Yalcin
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An exhibition called “Urban Masters” is underway in east London featuring the works of the world’s best street artists of the moment.

British street artist Zeus showed a piece called “Love, Crash, Burn”.

“It’s about relationships,” he told euronews, “whether it is people or objects. The whole idea of smashing head-on into something. I like the idea of playing with scale. Whenever you play with scale, it brings you back to childhood. If you make things bigger, you reduce yourself and become a child again.”

The show is an international collaboration including works from the United States, France, and Colombia among others, reflecting a wide variety of styles and techniques.

The exhibition’s curator, Butterfly, told us: “Urban Masters is a show asking street artists to pay tribute to the masters who inspired them and re-visit some classics. For example some artists have been inspired by Klimt, by Picasso, but also adding their own twist to the pieces and using their own techniques and tools.”

Among the French contingent was Kan, who is fascinated by the late American pop-artist Andy Warhol.

“I wanted to pay tribute to Warhol so this is a portrait of Banksy seen through Warhol’s eyes but with my technique of pointillisme,” Kan said, “I use the dots of a marker to represent Banksy.”

Brusk and Aimée from Lyon showed off their work that paid tribute to Picasso and Miro. “Everything you see here is recycling,” Brusk said. “These are purely things that we’ve collected from the street and arranged and we’ve created a work of art with rubbish. That’s really it.”

The Urban Masters exhibition is co-curated by Opera Gallery London and staged in a former Victorian factory at Shoreditch in East London.


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