Arafat tomb sealed off in preparation for exhumation

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Arafat tomb sealed off in preparation for exhumation

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A Palestinian security team is making final preparations for the body of late President Yasser Arafat to be exhumed.

His tomb in Ramallah has been sealed off for the operation as part of an investigation into his death in November 2004.

Allegations of foul play were reignited by a recent TV documentary which suggested the 75-year-old had been killed by a rare radioactive poison.

Arafat fell ill after being holed up for two years in his compound in Ramallah following an Irsaeli army attack.

He was flown to Paris for treatment where he died. His medical records say he had a stroke due to a blood disorder.

But Swiss scientists said they found abnormal quantities of the radioactive substance polonium on Arafat’s personal effects.

The investigation was opened at the request of his widow, who had – at the time of his death – refused permission for an autopsy.

Israel has denied any involvement.