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  • With over 2,500 dead & 5,000 cases in West Africa, WHO says current Ebola outbreak is “unparalleled in modern times” (Reuters)
  • Ukraine and EU parliaments ratify deal on political association and trade simultaneously in Strasbourg and Kyiv
  • Ukraine’s parliament passes law, proposed by president, to grant special status to separatist-minded eastern regions and grant amnesty to separatists involved in recent fighting with government forces (Parliament deputies via Reuters)

The new Syrian opposition coalition has received a qualified and cautious welcome from the Arab League.

Some leaders are reluctant to definitively abandon Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. Consequently, Arab League foreign ministers, meeting in Cairo, hesitated to proclaim the Syrian National Coalition as the country’s sole legitimate voice. The Prime Minister of Qatar called on all the other opposition factions in Syria to join the coalition to unite all sections of the Syrian people.

Meanwhile, there are more signs of the conflict spreading beyond Syria’s borders. The Israeli military has fired on Syrian artillery in response to an earlier mortar strike into the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights.

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