Mafia WWII bomb supplier arrested

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Mafia WWII bomb supplier arrested

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An Italian fisherman has been arrested for supplying World War II explosives to the Mafia.

Cosimo D’Amato supplied more than a ton of TNT, which he had taken from unexploded bombs, to the mob.

The explosives were then used in a wave of attacks that killed 21 people two decades ago.

According to Mafia insiders the aim of the bombings was to force the government to negotiate more lenient sentences for convicted mobsters.

The chief prosecutor says many hundreds of kilograms of explosives were retrieved from the ​​Porticello sea.

D’Amato was arrested after former mob boss Gaspare Spatuzza told investigators of how he had helped collect the explosives at a port near Sicily in 1992.

In that year two high profile judges, Giovanni Falcone and Paolo Borsellino along with their bodyguards were killed by massive explosions.

The men are considered national heroes for prosecuting the Cosa Nostra as a single criminal organisation, ignoring repeated death threats.