Greek 2013 budget passes in pain

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Greek 2013 budget passes in pain

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After last night’s parliamentary vote in Greece, the Greek people know they are in for another awful year of further spending cuts in 2013.

But they have heard their prime minister describe the cuts as the last the country will need, and that Greece was turning a corner. Once the deficits are done, said Antonis Samaras, then the “injustices” contained in the cuts would be rectified.

“They are measures that are leading most Greeks into poverty, and at the same time they serve
the interests of employers, so that they can continue to increase their profits,” said civil servant Haridis.

“They have butchered everything. This is an additional cut. They cut what they can, they do what they can because they have to. They’re following orders from abroad,” said worker Kostas Pournos.

The parliamentary majority for the budget was comfortable, but many are wondering if more austerity will prove the final straw for the all-but-collapsed economy, struggling with 25 percent unemployment, and a projected 4.5 percent contraction in the economy next year, the sixth straight year of decline.