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Pakistan marked “Malala Day” on Saturday in support of the schoolgirl who was shot by the Taliban for standing up for women’s education.

Malala Yousefzai survived being shot in the head by militants a month ago as she was returning home in a school bus. Two classmates were also hurt in the attack.

Other students from the same area have been speaking out.

“ A few days before the attack on Malala red marks were put on our gate,” says Hina Khan. “Two or three times my father erased the marks but after the third time my father received a telephone call asking ‘is Hina Khan your daughter?’ He said yes so they said ‘we will not spare any of you because Hina Khan has raised her voice for education’”.

Malala was flown unconscious to England and is now recovering in a hospital in Birmingham. After the shooting she became an international icon.

World leaders pledged to support her campaign for girls’ education and the UN declared Malala Day. Several countries have launched campaigns have her nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

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