Syria TV confirms Deraa attacks but not military victims

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Syria TV confirms Deraa attacks but not military victims

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At least 20 soldiers are reported to have been killed in Syria in two car bomb attacks in Deraa.

The UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights says there were two explosions a few minutes apart in the garden behind an officers’ club. The second blast caused the casualties, it added.

The group said a third device had gone off in a stadium, injuring no-one.

Syrian state TV broadcast pictures showing a crater, a burnt-out car and a damaged building. It said two car bombs had exploded at separate locations in Deraa. The report said several civilians had been killed and there was a lot of damage, but it made no mention of a military target.

It is not known who was behind the attacks, but Islamist groups have become increasingly involved in the struggle to oust President Assad’s government.

New video uploaded to social media websites purportedly shows an aerial attack over what appears to be apartment blocks in Damascus or Homs.

The human rights observatory claims bombardments have continued in several parts of Syria.

State TV reported what it describes as “terrorists” having fired a rocket in a Christian district of central Damascus, injuring two young girls.

Last month official media said an attack in the area killed 13 and injured 29.