All eyes on "Fashion Rio"

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All eyes on "Fashion Rio"

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One of the main attractions on the opening day of the 22nd edition of Fashion Rio was Brazilian designer Alexandre Herchcovitch’s 2013 winter collection.

While bikinis are considered Brazil’s bread and butter, the country’s designers are not short of ideas for winter.

Herchcovitch, who also exhibited at New York Fashion Week, mixed ethnic elements with a retro-futuristic look, an unusual combination but one which fashionistas say worked.

The designer’s trademark jeans were not left out; he teamed them with ponchos and coats.

Another exotic combination was his colours – pinks, greens, reds, blues, greys and silver sometimes appeared in the same look.

Behind the scenes at Daniele Schwartz’s Oh Boy 2013 collection, there was the usual hive of activity with make-up artists and hairstylists putting last minute touches.

Schwartz says her inspiration came from a popular photo sharing app, Instagram.

It was a riot of crazy designs, stripes, textured fabrics, colourful short dresses and jumpsuits. A real dog and cat were even used as carried accessories.

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