New York and New Jersey hit by snowstorm after Sandy

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New York and New Jersey hit by snowstorm after Sandy

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Residents in New York and New Jersey must be wondering what they have done wrong.

As if Hurricaine Sandy hadn’t caused enough misery, now a snowstorm has swept across the region taking down power lines and forcing more people out of their homes.

Winds gusted up to 100 kilometres an hour and up to 20 centimetres of snow fell in some parts.

Public transport was also affected as the winter storm known a ‘nor’easter’ hit areas already battered by Sandy

James Warren, who lives in Rockaway, New jersey, one of the areas badly affected, said:
“The last thing we ever expected or wanted was snow. But it’s better than rain and water, we don’t need any more of that stuff. The snow was a shock.”

Around 3 quarters of a million people are now without power and water in bitter conditions.

Melanie Larkin, another resident of Rockaway was worried about keeping her daughter warm:
“ My daughter is three and I bundled her up in blankets and put her in the middle between my husband and myself just to get the body heat and warmth.”

At Newark airport in New York, and all the region’s major airports, there were cancelled flights and delays. There are also continuing fuel shortages in the region.