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Where is Europe's oldest town?


Where is Europe's oldest town?

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Bulgarian archaeologists led by Professor Vasil Nikolov from the National Archaeology Institute and Museum claim to have discovered Europe’s oldest town in the north-east of the country.

Professor Vasil Nikolov, who has been studying the area for many years, located the town near the salt pans in the vicinity of Provadia in the Varna region, the same locale as the first salt factory in Europe.

Salt production is believed to be the reason behind the location of the town, founded around 6,500 years ago. Before the discovery, archaeologists had already demonstrated the existence of the first European salt mines in a region with a rich past proven by the number of graves.

What is different here from all the other ancient villages in South-East Europe are the salt springs. The salt water was evaporated by different techniques in ceramic bowls and the salt produced was used as money because it was so essential for humans and animals as well. The production of the salt made the region prosperous.

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