Sporadic voting problems reported

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Sporadic voting problems reported

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Election observers have reported sporadic problems around the country – like a machine in Pennysylvania filmed registering a vote for Romney despite the Obama button being pressed.

Turnout appears to be high in New York, including areas devastated by superstorm Sandy last week.
Long queues have been forming at voting stations.

“For some reason these scanners are breaking down.” said one voter on her way out. “It was hard getting in touch with people at the main office I guess, because of Hurricane Sandy.”

In New Jersey, many have gone the extra mile to vote – literally. Thousands of voters displaced by last week’s storm have rung hotlines to find temporary polling stations.

Electoral Protection Officer Catherine Weiss said “There seems to be really significant confusion in some counties about where voters belong and where they can vote. And that has been true even though there is in place a directive from the state division of elections in New Jersey that allows voters to vote wherever they are in New Jersey.”