Obama supporters savour election victory

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Obama supporters savour election victory

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Supporters of Barack Obama savoured his election win at the Democratic Party’s election headquarters on Wednesday.

They’d waited nervously all night, but the good news came in earlier this morning that Republican Challenger Mitt Romney had conceded defeat.

Euronews correspondent Stefan Grobe was on the floor of the McCormick Convention Centre in Chicago.

“I’m ecstatic. This is what America wanted and this is what we have done. We waited a long time, now we can relax and calm down,” one female voter said.

Another Obama campaigner called the incumbent’s win “exhilarating.”
“We just went to Iowa, we were there for six hours, and we just found out we won. It’s great!,” she said.

Obama will sworn in for his second term on January 21st, which is when the US celebrates Martin Luther King Day.

Our correspondent said that “Barack Obama’s reelection is a victory of historic proportions.
“In the 20th century, only three Democrats were elected president and reelected. His biggest problem now is the fact that the country remains deeply divided,” said Stefan Grobe.