New Yorkers celebrate Obama's victory

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New Yorkers celebrate Obama's victory

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Newspaper sellers in New York were doing good business today. The headlines said it all: “Obama’s night”, “Obama Triumphs” and “Barack for More.” It truly was Obama’s night. In a tightly run contest, Barack Obama had got 303 electoral votes, well over the 270 needed to win. A second presidential term was his.

Supporters of Barack Obama braved near freezing temperatures in Times Square to chant their support.

But these New Yorkers expect action from their newly re-elected President.

One woman said: “I just want him to finish what he started, I think he has had a tough task ahead when he started and I think now he can be able to complete and finish a lot of his promises that he started in the first 4 years.”

Another added: “I’d like to see the health care reform to continue, I am actually really for that. I know that Obama made birth control and contraceptions free, I thinks that’s really great stuff.”