More evacuations ordered in fresh New York storm alert

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More evacuations ordered in fresh New York storm alert

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The mayor of New York has warned residents of the city to take precautions ahead of another storm forecast to hit the US east coast on Wednesday and Thursday.

It is not expected to be as strong as Sandy. But Michael Bloomberg said low-lying areas would be evacuated and people moved to shelters.

“We’re also closing all the city’s parks, playgrounds, and beaches effective noon Wednesday to noon Thursday. This is for everybody’s safety. High winds are likely to bring down more limbs or entire trees, and obviously the waves are very dangerous and we just don’t need to send our first responders into the ocean to save somebody who’s being foolish,” the mayor told a news conference.

The new storm is expected to bring flooding and wind gusts of up to 80 kilometres an hour.

The warning comes just a week after Sandy’s devastating destruction. Tens of thousands of other homes are still without power.

The mayor described the utility companies’ performance as inadequate.

Extra emergency crews brought in to deal with Sandy’s aftermath are being kept on until the next storm passes.