Voting against the odds in storm-stricken US

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Voting against the odds in storm-stricken US

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On the storm-stricken eastern seaboard, officials have scrambled to find alternative sites for voting.
In New Jersey, offices opened over the weekend for early voting. New Jersey governor Chris Christie torm-affected residents they will be designated as overseas voters, allowing them to submit an absentee vote electronically: “If you have been displaced from your home because of the storm, we’ll let you vote by e-mail or fax. Otherwise you have got these six other ways you can vote. E-mail and fax is just for those people displaced from their homes because of the storm.”

In the hard-hit New York neighbourhood of Breezy Point, a voting “supersite” has been set up. In total, 60 polling stations have been either relocated or combined. Makeshift polling stations have been set up outside official centres still without electricity after Sandy. The National Guard has been drafted in to maintain order.

At least 113 people died in the US due to last week’s storm. Officials say 155 million euros in aid has already been handed out.