American diner in Paris 'calls it for Obama'

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American diner in Paris 'calls it for Obama'

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Parisians have been given some food for thought after having their say on the US election on Tuesday.

An American diner in Paris held its own – albeit somewhat unscientific – poll on who will win the White House.

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Breakfast In America in central Paris served up Obama burgers and Romney omelettes, with the bestselling dish deciding the victor.

A waiter from the restaurant told Euronews at 1900 CET that Obama appeared to be out in front, according to initial results of their presidential taste test.

It seemed that the Obama burger’s price tag of nearly 12 euros failed to dissuade customers, who were more interested in its mouth-watering relish and sausages.

But some Republican punters were offended by the Romney meal on offer and the suggestion that their candidate is “plain and simple” like an omelette.