Spain's jobless rate hits 4.83 million

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Spain's jobless rate hits 4.83 million

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The number of people out of work in Spain has climbed again.

An extra 128,000 people were unemployed in October, according to the latest figures from the Labour Ministry. That’s 4.83 million people in total.

In the queue outside one job centre in Madrid, many are cynical whether either of the main political parties can change their fortunes.

“I don’t know whose fault it is, the People’s Party or the Socialists. But we have a very complicated situation right now. I don’t think either of them are doing very well. Things need to be done differently,” said one jobless woman.

“The opposition’s leadership is no good and the government is no better. I think we should punish these parties at elections. It’s one of the only options that we have because protesting or demonstrating isn’t working,” said another Madrid resident, who is also out of work.

Last month, separate data showed the jobless figure crossing the 25 percent mark for the first time. Youth unemployment is even worse, standing at 52 percent.

Spain’s main trade unions have called workers out on a general strike next week to protest planned new cuts.

One union says the economy is being strangled by austerity and has accused the government of dismantling the country’s social model.