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  • Ukraine: Up to five ‘insurgents’ killed at Sloviansk, ministry of interior tells AFP
  • Libya is facing a ‘severe challenge’ from increased extremist violence, says U.S. deputy secretary of state William Burns
  • Spain’s unemployment rate falls to 25.73%, reports AFP
  • Ukraine: Separatists’ spokesman says civilians ordered to evacuate Slaviansk after Ukrainian armoured vehicles enter city (AFP).
  • Three Americans killed in shooting at hospital in Kabul (AFP)

Cars block roads, while pedestrians struggle through knee-deep, swirling torrents. Before hitting the East Coast of the USA, Sandy drenched the southern part of Haiti, along with the capital Port au Prince.

The authorities say 70 percent of crops were destroyed and livestock lost. Rivers overflowed, making the already-difficult daily life a virtual impossibility.

At least 54 people died and the UN estimates 1.6 million have been affected.

Haitian Prime Minister Laurence Lamothe has reiterated an appeal for emergency international humanitarian aid to help his stricken country.

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