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Greek workers strike over austerity measures

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Greek workers strike over austerity measures


Public transport workers in Greece have been voicing their anger at more planned austerity cuts.

Their walkout is just the beginning. A week of strikes and protests is planned across the country ahead of a crucial parliamentary vote later this week.

Athen’s resident Aris said:
“I want the entire country to go on strike, the entire country to shut down because these measures must not pass.”

Prime Minister Antonis Samara’s 13.5 billion euro package will cut wages and pensions along with more tax rises.The measures will also make it easier to hire and fire workers.

The reforms need to be approved in order to get a 31.5 billion euro bailout from the IMF and EU. Without it, the country will go bankrupt.

Pensioners say they are the ones being hit hardest by the reforms and are being penalised for other people’s mistakes. If the reforms go ahead, pensions will be cut and the retirement age will go up from 65 to 67.

Greece’s main unions will launch a 48 hour strike on Tuesday.

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