Greece: strike warning ahead of new austerity vote

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Greece: strike warning ahead of new austerity vote

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Unions have timed a three-day general strike in Greece to coincide with two key parliamentary votes this week.

Public transport workers in Athens walked off the job on Monday ahead of much wider nationwide action on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Greek MPs are due to sign off on a new 13 and a half billion euro austerity package, while also agreeing new measures making it easier to hire and fire workers.

Prime Minister Antonis Samaras and Socialist coalition partner Evangelos Venizelos have once again warned that Greece’s future within the eurozone depends on both plans being approved.

The main opposition party Syriza has demanded ‘no’ votes in parliament and called for fresh elections.

The government claims that the new measures will be the last cuts to wages and pensions after four years of painful belt-tightening.