Experts weigh-up storm effect on US poll

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Experts weigh-up storm effect on US poll

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As the huge clean-up after superstorm Sandy continues many people are speculating as to what the effect might be on Tuesday’s US presidential election. In the Queens district of New York residents helped out the overstretched authorities, clearing the streets of debris and providing food.

If the poll is seen as dividing the nation by some people, it is having the opposite effect there.

“I’ve never seen people pull together like this before”, said one woman. “It’s been probably the most incredibly wonderful experience of my life, watching everybody come together and get close.”

In New Jersey the weather is getting colder and hundreds of thousands of households are still without power. The priority for thousands left homeless is finding shelfter, not voting, said resident Richard Fox:

“It’s really on the back burner. I don’t even know what we’re doing Tuesday as far as voting. My school is up the block, I don’t quite know yet.”

Thousands of voters in the region have been assigned new polling stations. The storm is unlikely to decide who wins the election, but experts say last minute changes to voting arrangements could lead to results being legally challenged.