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  • Juncker believes all nominees for new EU Commission have convincingly demonstrated their comptence – spokeswoman
  • Vladimir Putin: “Russia to reamin open market economy. Russia will not impose restriction on cross-border capital, currency movements”
  • Air strikes by Iraqi government forces have caused “significiant civilian deaths and injuries” – UN
  • Ukrainian World Bank Chief representative sees ukrainian economy shrinking by 8% in 2014 versus previous outlook of 5% contraction
  • Militants take control of most of western Iraqi town of Hit – Security Sources and medics in Reuters

The closest US presidential campaign in recent memory is entering the final stages. Rather than staying in New Hampshire on polling day as planned, Mitt Romney now says he will carry on campaigning in the key states of Pennsylvania and Ohio.

On Monday he urged republicans in Florida, where polls give him a slight lead, to make sure they turn out to vote on Tuesday:

“The door to a brighter future is open, it’s waiting for us. I need your vote, I need your help, walk with me. Tomorrow we begin a new tomorrow. God bless you all, God bless Florida, God bless Orlando. We’re gonna take back this country and make it strong and prosperous, thank you so very much, thank you.”

Meanwhile accompanied by long-time supporter Bruce Springsteen, Barack Obama used the recent disastrous events on the east coast as a metaphor to rally supporters in Wisconsin:

“No matter how bad the storm is we will be there, together. No matter how bad the storm is we recover, together. We are all in this together, we rise or fall as one nation and as one people.”

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