Civilians die in Bahrain bomb blasts

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Civilians die in Bahrain bomb blasts

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Two people died after five bombs exploded in Bahrain on Monday according to government officials.

The Interior Ministry said the people who were killed were Asian street cleaners and that a third worker was injured in the attacks which were described as “acts of terrorism”.

The blasts were all in the capital Manama and took place between 4.30am and 9.30am.

A 21-one month-old uprising against the US-backed rulers in Bahrain resulted in a ban on protests coming in to force on October 31. But the day after saw clashes break out in the capital with police using tear gas against protesters who threw petrol bombs.

Opposition politicians have cast doubt on the government’s claim that activists were behind the latest bomb blasts. Matar Matar of the Shi’ite Wefaq party suggested that the police or military could have been behind the explosions.