Threat of freezing weather adds to US east coast woes

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Threat of freezing weather adds to US east coast woes

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The presidential election might be fast approaching but so too is cold and wintry weather.

With more than two-and-a-half million homes and businesses still without power after superstorm Sandy struck, one utility company has set up tents where residents can charge up lap tops and phones.

But for some reconnection to the national grid could take weeks.

While emergency supplies are being distributed to those who have lost everything the other main concern having to be addressed by the governor of New York is the petrol shortage.

“Fuel is on the way. You don’t have to panic. We don’t need anxiety. We don’t need the lines. Be prudent, but fuel is on the way,” announced Governor Andrew Cuomo.

A promised delivery of 28 million gallons (127 million litres) of that precious fuel and the setting up of mobile petrol stations cannot some soon enough.

The petrol shortage has indeed tested the patience of drivers – there have even been reports of fights breaking out among frustrated would-be customers.