Fourth victim dies in Spanish Halloween stampede

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Fourth victim dies in Spanish Halloween stampede

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A 17-year-old girl has died in hospital becoming the fourth fatality after a stampede at a Halloween party in Madrid. The three other victims were all female, aged 18 while a 20-year-old young woman remains in a serious condition.

As an investigation into Wednesday’s tragedy gets underway, survivors of the deadly crush have been criticising security arrangements at the venue.

Carmen Rodríguez gave her account:

“I came in showing just the back of my ticket, nobody looked at it…nobody asked me for an identity card, or looked in my purse to check if I was carrying alcohol. The security guards didn’t even look at my face…”

The crush happened in a passageway within the venue leading to the central concert area in the Madrid Arena.

Spanish police are investigating security footage and amateur video of the corridor to establish what sparked the stampede. Some witnesses say the crowd panicked when a flare was thrown among them.

Criticism has been levelled at the event’s organisers saying it was over crowded, some exits were closed off and there was no police evacuation to deal with the emergency.