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As the clock ticks down in a very tight US presidential election every vote counts with President Obama hoping to pick up the lions share of those on offer from the black and Hispanic communities.

Euronews visited Shaw in north west Washington the suburb grew from free slave encampments and here there is only one winner.

“Everybody is Obama – as far as I know. Everybody is Obama, pro-Obama,” said one woman, another agreed:
“I feel like he has done a very good job. With the circumstances that he came in with, I thought he has done a very good job.”

Race is still a key issue in the US:

“We will always going to have racism. We will always going to have people of colour against other people of colour. That’s just the way it is in America.”

In Shaw they want the president to remain in the White House:

“Give him four more years! He could really make a huge difference. He has made a small one so far, and give him more time and he’ll keep doing what is the right to do.”

Some believe Obama has a direct line to a higher power:

“God put him in that position. See what I’m sayin’? God put him there,” said one enthusiastic voter.

Obama won 95 per cent of the African-American vote in 2008 and despite the gloomy economic outlook he will be hoping for the same come election day.

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