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Early voters could account for 40 per cent of all ballots cast in the 2012 US presidential election.
So far as many as 22 million Americans have already made their choice for the White House.
Both campaign camps have spent millions of dollars and despatched thousands of volunteers to urge voters to mark their cards early.

Dean C Logan is a registrar in Norwalk, California:

“I think increasingly what we’re seeing is an electorate that is accustomed to options and wants to be able to cast their ballot when and where they’re ready to within some reasonable limits and we have a busy society because of work schedules or if they work further away from home or if they have childcare needs. There could be any number of reasons.”

A driving force behind the huge numbers of early voting is the Republicans have finally got on board having fallen victim to Obama’s early voter success in the last election.

Obama himself voted in October.

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