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  • US President Barack Obama has accepted the resignation of Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel according to Pentagon sources.
  • US Defense Secretary Hagel is stepping down, the New York Times reports, citing senior Obama administration officials (Reuters)
  • Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov says Vienna talks on Iran’s nuclear programme made “considerable progress” but not arrived at final agreement (Reuters)
  • British Foreign Secretary Hammond says Iran nuclear talks with six powers extended through end of June (Reuters)
  • Britain faces biggest threat to its security from terrorist at any time before or since September 11 2001 attacks on United States, according to Home Secretary Theresa May (Reuters)

About a thousand protesters demonstrated in Libya’s second city Benghazi, calling for more autonomy for the eastern part of the country and the reintroduction of the constitution of 1951 to establish a federal system.

The protesters are also demanding that key institutions like the central bank and oil and finance ministries be relocated in Benghazi.

Federalist demonstrator Fawzi el-Zoueri said: “The National Assembly has a week to respond to our demands when the entire eastern region will gather in protest to demand the withdrawal of confidence from their representatives, and will demand a referendum to start the process of autonomy.”

Under the 1951 constitution Libya was divided into three regions; east, west and south. The system was overturned by the Gaddafi regime and federalists claim the east, which was the cradle of the revolution that overthrew him, was neglected under his rule.

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