US east coast struggles to recover after Sandy

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US east coast struggles to recover after Sandy

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As the US east coast struggles to recover after the battering from superstorm Sandy, its now known at least 95 people died. Officials have warned that number could rise as a house-by-house search in coastal towns continues.

In New Jersey Governor Chris Christie welcomed the news that at least 1,000 people had been rescued, but after his tour acknowledged Sandy had caused emotional as well as physical devastation.

The clean-up has begun but what is making it all the more daunting is the lack of power and petrol.

“We have no lights, no gas, everything is down in Jersey City. So we drove all the way here, and we ran out of gas on the way coming. So we had to walk the rest of the way to get gas,” said one New Jersey resident.

In New York the roads are clogged by those who have fuel as public transport remains patchy while there’s concern for safety in the city’s darkened neighbourhoods.

“By Sunday will have electricity back downtown, that will free up an enormous number of police. Also a lot of the transportation needs that we have during the week aren’t there on the weekends,” said New York City Mayor, Michael Bloomberg as he gave his latest upate on the situation.

One area of relief was the partial reopening of the subway system. But the financial cost of Sandy keeps rising with estimates now put at around 50 billion dollars (39 billion euros) – that’s twice the previous figure.